Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Alien Encounter Animation!

This is the final animation for my FYP groupwork. Wan, Hadi, Anis, its really nice working with u guys throughout the final year. To Si Ying, thx for finding the songs for my the animation. All my friends, housemate2 yg best gile mcm *&$#&@$ , all my coursemate, all the joy, laughter, blood, sweat and tears (duit terbang byk, x cukup tido mate bengkak2) through out my studies in MMU is a memorable moment indeed. =)

Alien Encounter Poster!

This is my FYP poster, Alien Encounter. I'm quite satisfied with the outcome of the poster. During the process, need to render in A2!!..fuhh..nsib baik pc larat nk render. That kid's name is Nia, and originally in my rough sketches, there should be 2 alien heads at the window, but i'm too lazy to pose another one character. T_T

Post FYP entry.

Wahahaa.. My 1st blog, my 1st entry ever. Humm, after this i make promise to myself update blog as frequently as possible. Seeing Fuu (my housemate) updating his blog quite frequently, i think i want to try to do dat too.