Thursday, August 9, 2012

1st attempt zbrush caricature

hmm...need more practise.. made in zbrush 4R3 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

finally, an update

Woah! Last update 19 July 2011?!.... How time flies when you are really into something.
Since then, many things happen. Glue studios won several awards. Won a 50k grant in IPCC. Moved to a new office in MAC3 facilities in Cyberjaya. Completed a sizzle trailer for Glue's new IP "Rimba Racer" and many other jobs and opportunities coming in.

Okey, latest sculpts I've made in Zbrush 4R3.


Trying out new Dynamesh features in Zbrush.. Sculpt base from zbrush's dog template. Approx 5-7 hours maybe...

Lion Boss

Based from Capcom's game character.. Don't know what his name although he looks cool. Did it in approx 7-8 hours in Zbrush 4R3...