Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Espira. I was hyped by the last KL Internation Motorsports event and decide to try to do car modeling for the 1st time. The design was inspired by many car such as proton espire, mazda, audi

Sculptris 01 - Hell-grandad

Sculpted months ago using free sculpting software....

Perghh~!!! Lama gila x update blog!

It's been a while since my last update (1 1/2 year).....

Okay. The updates.... hmmm~ nothing happen much during that period. Haven't got much time do doodle2.

In April, I've started working at Glue Studios Sdn. Bhd. --> click click clickkhttp://gluestudios.my/

After many2 months of blood, sweat and tears working hard (and playing hard too), finally in the Kre8tif! award ceremony which was organized by MDeC, we have won 2 award : Special Mention Award for Short Animation award and Best Start-up Company award. :) ~alhamdulillah