Sunday, August 24, 2008

Merdeka modelling practice

Nearly a month without update. Now I have a job as a 3d modeller in Shock3d. Don't have time to touch maya at home. Balik kerja, tido, bgn pagi pergi kerja. Everydya i'll woke up at 6.50, 7.30 went to the bus stop, then take LRT to KL sentral. Then take a bus to TTDI. It took me 2 hours per trip. huhu. That is my daily routine now. :p .. For this project, i somehow inspired to do model of chedet/tun mhathir...Maybe Merdeka is coming next week and i get patriotic somehow :p.   So this is it. It took me 5-7 hours to finish it i guess, minus the time i took to play games, golek2, eat and watch tv. I used Facegen to generate the basic shape of the face, then export it into roadkill to do uv unwrap. Then export to zbrush to sculpt2. then i projected some images of chedet onto the model, brush2 suclpt2 here and then finish. 


myadlan said...

gile lah.. cool siot..
ni praktis je? mmg mantap!
cuma rambut nmpk sgt keras la..
wat la ala2 final fantasy ke..

arnabin said...

praktis sesaje je mase weekend kt umah...smue mmg poly, nk wat rmbut selai2 x de mase. nk main2 apply2 texture je...hehe

fLux said...

somehow I think it fits for Civilization IV game xD~