Saturday, September 6, 2008

Village Girl

Happy Ramadhan and happy fasting to all my fasting (and not fasting) friends. 1st weekend of fasting month, and as usuall, I'll try to keep busy on the weekends to try to create something new. This is 3d model of a fictional character. Let's just call her......erm.. Kak Siti...wait2, too typical...hmm.. Kak Ros.. no no her... Kak Ani....The model took me about 6 hours i think to model and texture. I use Facegen to create the face and ncloth to simulate the baju kurung and tudung. Then sculpt a bit in zbrush especially at the tudung area. The cloth simulation for tudung looks more like alas meja than supposedly the tudung. Texture in photoshop, and then rendering in Maya software. I tried to render in Mental Ray, but i sucks in MR settings. So I just used method that I comfortable with. After render, compositing in Photoshop. ~Done

Some other angles and 3d maya models of Kak Ani.


Anonymous said...

jari lesbian apa tuh?

myadlan said...

gila jari tak proportion..
eh mekap la sket minah ni..
tak cun la gadis kampung camni..

tgk gadis kampung bernama ezora dan lisa.. kan cun je.. haha

arnabin said...

ya, jari terpanjang sngt, sbb ble dah rig baru perasan, mlas nk btulkn x saba sgt. mcm tangan mentadak pn ade jgak jari jemari tu.hehehe. mlas nk btulkn dh, nex week cbe model bnde lain plak, dn still mncuba dptkn proportion btul. Praktis23